There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

JAZZ TODAY is a fortnightly radio show on Cambridge105. It is broadcast live in Cambridge UK on 105FM and online at Cambridge105.FM.

JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Playlist - April 20th 2014

Mauro Gargano’s Mo’ Avast Band: Orange from Mo’ Avast (Note Sonanti)
Tyler Blanton: Breaking Through the Clouds from Gotham (Ottimo Music)
Erik Friedlander: 28 Gasoline Stations from Nighthawks (Skipstone)
Erik Friedlander: Hopper’s Blue House from Nighthawks (Skipstone)
Nicolas Folmer: Volcano from Sphere (Cristal)
Emilia Martensson: Everything Put Together Falls Apart from Ana (Babel)
Ronny Graupe’s Spoom: As They Are from As They Are (Shoebill Music)
Field: Druffi from Let Me Go With You (Unit)
Gwilym Simcock & Yuri Goloubev: Antics from Reverie at Schloss Elmau (ACT)
Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble: Scarborough from Songs of the Metropolis (World Village)
Yuri Goloubev: Bagatelle #2 from Titanic for a Bike (Caligola)
Rachel Eckroth: Gold from Let Go (Virgo Sun)
Lena Bloch: Baby Suite from Feathery (Thirteenth Note)
Dave Douglas, Chet Doxas, Steve Swallow & Jim Doxas: Old Church, New Paint from Riverside (Greenleaf Music)
Dave Douglas, Chet Doxas, Steve Swallow & Jim Doxas: Handwritten Letter from Riverside (Greenleaf Music)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Jazz Today - Sunday 20th April at 4pm BST on Cambridge105

.......featuring two excellent trumpeters in the guise of Dave Douglas and Nicolas Folmer, a German guitarist who’s starting to make a name for himself, Ronny Graupe, and jazz with a touch of Americana from cellist Erik Friedlander. We also have the vocals of Rachel Eckroth and Emilia Martensson, and the bass of Yuri Goloubev.

A wealth of good our regular update on jazz events coming up in Cambridge. Listen HERE at 4pm BST.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Playlist - April 6th 2014

Jon Irabagon: Vestiges from It Takes All Kinds (Jazzwerkstatt)
Emanuele Parrini: Mixolidian Dance from Viaggio Al Centro Del Violino: Vol 1 (Rudi)
Daniele Cavallanti & The Brotherhood Creative Trance Music Ensemble: Things Ain’t What They Used To Be from Faces and Tales (Rudi)
KUU!: Against Winter from Sex Gegen Essen (Shoebill Music)
Julian Arguelles: Circularity from Circularity (CAMJazz)
Curtis Hasselbring: Stereo Jack’s Bluegrass J’s from Number Stations (Cuneiform)
Shahin Novrasli: Insomnia from Bayati (Bee Jazz)
Cecilia Persson: Halvhalt from Open Rein (Hoob Jazz)
Cecilia Persson: Open Rein from Open Rein (Hoob Jazz)
Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic: Tango Loco from Duo Art: Creating Magic (ACT)
Ingrid Feniger Grupo: Maleza from Maleza (self-released)
Robin Phillips: Don’t Get Scared from Sing. Play....for Pleasure (REPMusic)
Phronesis: Urban Control from Life to Everything (Edition)
Achim Kaufmann & Michael Moore: Wildflower from Furthermore (Ramboy)
Hanuman: The Margin from Soundhousing (Leo)
Samo Salamon & The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra: Hebe from Free Strings: Orchestrology (KGSOF)
William Parker Quartet: One for Horace from Live in Wroclove (ForTune)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Playlist - March 9th 2014

Jason Anick: Stomped Out from Tipping Point (MagicFiddle Music)
Phronesis: Behind Bars from Life to Everything (Edition)
Nils Landgren: Another Kind of Blue from Eternal Beauty (ACT)
Hanuman: Bhurma Dreams from Soundhousing (Leo)
The Ed Palermo Big Band: Let’s Reproduce from Oh No! Not Jazz!! (Cuneiform)
Raymond MacDonald & Marilyn Crispell: Longing from Parallel Moments (Babel)
Moker: Krakke Mikkel from Overstroomd (W.E.R.F)
Moker: Tsunami Blues from Overstroomd (W.E.R.F)
Emilia Martensson: Black Narcissus from Ana (Babel)
Kit Downes: Outlawed from Light from Old Stars (Basho)
John Hollenbeck, Alban Darche, Sebastien Boisseau & Samuel Blaser: No D from JASS (Yolk)
Alban Darche’s L’Orphicube: Miramas Reggae from Perception Instantanee (Yolk)
Jason Anick: Maryandra from Tipping Point (Magic Fiddle Music)
Julien Wilson: Wine and Water from This Is Always (Lionsharecords)
The Ed Palermo Big Band: Chung’s Revenge from Oh No! Not Jazz!! (Cuneiform)
Alexander Hawkins Ensemble: Step Wide, Step Deep / Space of Time Danced Thru from Step Wide, Step Deep (Babel)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jazz Today Online - Winter 2014

Listen using the widget in the left hand panel!

Didier Levallet Quintet: Antigone’s Choice from Voix Croisees (Evidence / Fremeaux Associes). Airelle Besson, trumpet; Sylvaine Helary, flute; Celine Bonacina, Saxophone; Didier Levallet, bass; Francois Laizeau, drums.

Gretchen Parlato: Within Me from Live in NYC (ObliqSound). Gretchen Parlato, vocals; Taylor Eigsti, piano; Alan Hampton, bass; Mark Guiliana, drums.

Eric Vloeimans’ Oliver’s Cinema: Prince Henri from Oliver’s Cinema (Buzz / Challenge). Eric Vloeimans, trumpet; Tuur Florizoone, accordion; Jorg Brinkmann, cello.

Petr Cancura: Those Were the Times from Down Home (RootsToBoot Music). Petr Cancura, banjo; Kirk Knuffke, cornet; Brian Drye, trombone; Garth Stevenson, bass; Richie Barshay, drums.

Mark Perrenoud Trio: Nymphaes Blues from Vestry Lamento (Double Moon).  Mark Perrenoud, piano; Marco Muller, bass; Cyril Regamy, drums.

Comanda Barabba: Fireman Breakfast from Jazz Resistant (Rudi). Tim Trevor-Briscoe and Christian Ferlaino, reeds; Nicola Guazzaloca, piano; Luca Bernard, bass; Gaetano Alfonsi, drums.

Motian Sickness: Arabesque from For The Love of Sarah (Grizzley Music). Matt Maneri, viola; Jamie Masefield, mandolin; John Hebert, bass; Jeff Cosgrove, drums.

Steinar Raknes Quartet: Passion Island from Live in Tokyo (Reckless). John Pal Inderberg, saxophone; Erlend Slettevoll, piano; Steinar Raknes, bass; Hakon Mjaset Johansen, drums.

Drye & Drye: Precious Silver from Open Letter (NCMEast): Brian Drye, trombone; Howard Drye, baritone saxophone; Mike McGinnis, reeds; Jeff Hermanson, trumpet; Dan Fabricatore, bass; Vinnie Sperrazza, drums.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Playlist - Feb 23rd 2014

Ted Nash Big Band: Fire from Chakra (Plastic Sax)
Michael Wollny Trio: In Heaven from Weltenraum (ACT)
Mats Aleklint Quartet: Braxen from Mats Aleklint Quartet (Moserobie)
Hat & Beard: Reflections from Reflections (TrioRecords)
Drye & Drye: Precious Silver from Open Letter (NCMEast)
John Taylor: Phrase the Second from In Two Minds (CAM Jazz)
Pixel: Be Mine from We Are Small Pixels (Cuneiform)
Eric Vloeiman’s Oliver’s Cinema: Fellini’s Waltz from Oliver’s Cinema (Buzz / Challenge)
Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski: Some Assembly Required from Gathering Call (Palmetto)
Michael Wollny Trio: Lasse! from Weltenraum (ACT)
Max Johnson Trio: Don Wrinkles from The Invisible Trio (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Harris Eisenstadt: Especially Preposterous Assertions from Golden State (Songlines)
Hat & Beard: Off Minor from Reflections (Trio Records)
Dominic Lash Quartet: Halt the Busterman from Opabinia (Babel)
Olivier Boge: Inner Chant from The World Begins Today (Naive)
Drye & Drye: Blues for Jimmy from Open Letter (NCM East)
Emil Strandberg: Changes from Works (Found YouRecordings)
Nick Smart’s Trogon: Tower Casa from Tower Casa (Babel)
Shahin Novrasli: Nocturne for Natavan from Bayati (BeeJazz)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Playlist - Feb 9th 2014

Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski: Pumpkin’s Delight from Gathering Call (Palmetto)
Michael Wollny & Marius Neset: Polygon from Duo Art – Creating Magic (ACT)
Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman: Letter for E. from Duo Art – Creating Magic (ACT)
Eric Vloeimans’ Oliver’s Cinema: Prince Henri from Oliver’s Cinema (Buzz / Challenge)
Magnolia Acoustic Quartet: Boozer from Boozer (Fortune)
Dominik Wania: Oiseaux Tristes from Ravel (Fortune)
Motian Sickness: Arabesque from For the Love of Sarah (Grizzley Music)
Sam Anning, Julien Wilson & Allan Browne Trio: Princess Doug of Fitzroy from Sweethearts (Listen / Hear Collective)
Robin Phillips: Jackie from Sing. Play. for Pleasure (RepMusic)
Nicola Lancerotti Quartet: Faking East from Skin (dEN)
Nicola Lancerotti Quartet: T.T.F.K.A.C. from Skin (dEN)
Myra Melford: Still Life from Life Carries Me This Way (Firehouse 12)
Max Johnson Trio: Bizza from The Invisible Trio (FreshSound New Talent)
Marco Sanguinetti: Ruedas from 8 (Acqua)
Sam Anning, Julien Wilson & Allan Browne Trio: Remember from Sweethearts (Listen / Hear Collective)