There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

JAZZ TODAY is a fortnightly radio show on Cambridge105. It is broadcast live in Cambridge UK on 105FM and online at Cambridge105.FM.

JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Jazz Today - Sunday 26th March at 3pm BST on Cambridge 105

........featuring the bass clarinet of David Murray, the trombone of Tony Cattano and the trumpet of Colin Steele. We’ll have the trio Phronesis alongside the Frankfurt Radio Big Band, the duo of Jason Anick and Jason Yeager and the septet Shake Stew. Plus plenty more, including a run-down of the jazz gigs coming up in Cambridge.  Listen HERE at 3pm BST.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Playlist - March 12th 2017

Zeno De Rossi: Marionette from Zenophilia (Auand / El Gallo Rojo)
Miles Okazaki: Mischief from Trickster (PiRecordings)
OK:KO: Kesaranta from Land E. (AMP Music& Records)
Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble: Sphere from Monk Dreams, Hallucinations and Nightmares (Red Piano)
Fredrik Ljungkvist & Mattias Hjorth: Borje from Past in Present (Kopasetic)
Fredrik Ljungkvist & Mattias Hjorth: Tulik from Past in Present (Kopasetic)
Trio Grande: Si C’est Pas from Trois Mousquetaires (De WERF)
Yago Vasquez, Scott Lee & Jeff Hirschfield: Basses Loaded from Second Stream (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Flying Machines: As Long As It Lasts from Flying Machines (Pictor)
Aki Takase & Rudi Mahall: Mood Indigo from Evergreen (Intakt)
Daniel Herskedal: There Are Three Things You Cannot Hide, Love, Smoke and a Man Riding on a Camel from The Roc (Edition)
Miguel Zenon: Academia from Tipico (Miel Music)
Zeno De Rossi: Henry Zeno from Zenophilia (Auand / El Gallo Rojo)
Trio Grande: Yalkna (Valse Mobile) from Trois Mousquetaires (De WERF)
Linda May Han Oh: Deepsea Dancers from Walk Against Wind (Biophilia)
Estafest!: Ornette’s Clockwork from Bayachrimae (BMC)

Intro / Outro - Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoosticks (Blue Note Fr)

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Playlist - Feb 26th 2017

Operasjon Hegge: Bosse & Dorris from Midt Pa Natta (Particular Recordings)
Estafest: Cookies from Bayachrimae (BMC)
Nick Finzer: Single Petal of a Rose from Hear & Now (Outside In Music)
Ben Lee Quintet: Scratching the Itch from In The Tree (StoneyLane)
Ross Hammond & Vinny Golia: Aslaning from Ross Hammond & Vinny Golia (Prescott)
Gianluigi Trovesi & Umberto Petrin: Summer Evening from Twelve Colours and Synesthetic Cells (Dodicilune)
Operasjon Hegge: Min Forste Mars from Midt Pa Natta (Particular Recordings)
Wako & Oslo Strings: King of Kings from Modes for All Eternity (AMP Music)
Emanuele Parrini: Blues P #3 from The Blessed Prince (Long Song)
Ben Lee Quintet: Beginning of The End from In The Tree (Stoney Lane)
Daniel Herskedal: The Roc from The Roc (Edition)
Bridges with Seamus Blake: Song for Karla from Bridges with Seamus Blake (AMP Music)
Josh Green & The Cyborg Orchestra: The Lauer Faceplant: Based on a True Story from Telepathy & Bop (self-released)
David James’s GPS: Wag the Puppy from Billionaire Blues (self released)
David James’s GPS: Billionaire Blues from Billionaire Blues (self released)
Sebastien Amman: On A Move from Color Wheel (Skirl)
Anders Lonne Gronseth: Caput Mortuum from Mini Macro Ensemble Vol2 (Pling Music)
Knut Riisnaes Quartet: Petite Prix from 2nd Thoughts (Losen)

Intro - Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoosticks (Blue Note Fr)

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Jazz Today Online - Winter 2017

To listen to the podcast, click the widget in the left hand panel or HERE.

Franck Tortiller & Francois Corneloup: Walking Fellows from Singing Fellows (MCO). Franck Tortiller, vibraphone; Francois Corneloup, baritone saxophone.

Mihaly Dresch Quartet with Chris Potter: Togo from Zea (Budapest Music Centre). Mihaly Dresch & Chris Potter, reeds; Miklos Lukacs, cimbalom; Erno Hock bass; Istvan Balo, drums.

Marc Boutillot Quartet: Etrange Procession from Lumiere sur la Nuit (Classiquez). Marc Boutillot, clarinet; Leonida Fava, guitar; Philippe Monge, bass; Julien Augier, drums.

Lubos Soukup & Points Septet: Rhythm from Lubos Soukup & Points Septet (Animal Music). Lubos Soukup, Marcel Barta and Petr Kalfus, reeds; Oskar Torok, trumpet; Jan Jirucha, trombone; Jaromir Honzak, bass; Tomas Hobzek, drums.

Lubos Soukup & Points Septet: Leto 1985 from Lubos Soukup & Points Septet (Animal Music). As above.

Gold Age: Peach Orchard from Gold Age (Singlespeed Music). Aram Shelton, reeds; Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Safa Shokrai, bass; Britt Ciampa, drums.

Scrapbook: Triads from Scrapbook (Spark). Alaric Taylor, trumpet; Kieran McLeod, trombone; Angus Bayley, piano; Nick Sigsworth, violin; Daisy Watkins, viola; Paul Trippett, bass; Dave Hamblett, drums.

Vanbinsbergen Playstation: Goofy from Live (Buzz). Mete Erker and  Miguel Boelens, reeds; Morris Kliphuis, French horn; Joost Buis, trombone; Corrie van Binsbergen, guitar; Albert van Veenendaal, piano; Dion Nijland, bass; Yonga Sun, drums.

Franck Tortiller & Francois Corneloup: La Lecon des Jours from Singing Fellows (MCO). Franck Tortiller, marimba; Francois Corneloup, baritone saxophone.

BassDrumBone: Cherry Pickin from The Long Road (Auricle). Ray Anderson, trombone; Joe Lovano, saxophone; Mark Helias, bass; Gerry Hemmingway, drums.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Playlist - February 12th 2017

Eric Seva: Monsieur Toulouse from Nomade Sonore (Gaya)
Jacob Anderskov: Alpha from Resonance (Stunt)
Noah Preminger: A Change is Gonna Come from Meditations on Freedom (self-released)
Mathias Heise Quadrillion: Sudden Ascent from Sudden Ascent (Giant Sheep Music)
Leszek Kulakowski Ensemble: Regi from Looking Ahead (ForTune)
Ross Hammond: Blues for Rusty Moses from Follow Your Heart (Prescott)
Scrapbook: Henno from Scrapbook (Spark)
Filip Augustson: Ogat from Minsta Gemensamma Namnaren (Found You Recordings)
Tim Garland: The Eternal Greeting from One (Edition)
Ross Hammond: I Ain’t Scared of Your Jail from Follow Your Heart (Prescott)
Twelves: Long Time Traveller from Strange Folk (Babel)
Hans Ludemann’s Rooms: Dark Lights from Blaue Kreise (BMC)
Hans Ludemann’s Rooms: Blaue Kreise from Blaue Kreise (BMC)
Eric Seva: Rue aux Fromages from Nomade Sonore (Gaya)
Jachna / Tarwid / Karch: One for Hedgehog from Sundial II (Hevhetia)
Adam Pieronczyk: Departure from Monte Alban (self-released)
Noah Preminger: Just the Way It Is from Meditations on Freedom (self-released)
Roberto Gatto Quartet: Sixth Sense from Sixth Sense (Parco Della Musica)

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Playlist - Jan 22nd 2017

Tre: Milbe from Edle Einfalt (DoubleMoon)
M.E.A.N.: Weiter Weg from Clara Park (Jazzhausmusik)
Daniel Schlappi & Marc Copland: Rainy Night House from More Essentials (Catwalk)
Lubos Soukup & Points Septet: Rhythm from Lubos Soukup & Points Septet (Animal Music)
Lubos Soukup & Points Septet: Leto 1985 from Lubos Soukup & Points Septet (Animal Music)
Hearts & Minds: Irresolute from Hearts & Minds (Astral Spirits)
Arne Jansen Trio: Here We Go from Nine Firmaments (Traumton)
Daniel Schlappi & Marc Copland: Song for My Father from More Essentials (Catwalk)
Trish Clowes: Be a Glow Worm from My Iris (Basho)
I Giganti della Montagna: Il Gigante Addormentato from Io Sono Tre (Improvvisatore Involontario)
Motif: The Guns of Amarone, Episodes 1 & 2 from My Head is Listening (Clean Feed)
Ola Kvernberg & The Trondheim Soloists: Mechanical Fair from The Mechanical Fair (Jazzland)
Adam Schneit Band: Light Shines In from Light Shines In (self-released)
Tre: Dente Caduto from Edle Einfalt (DoubleMoon)
Los Cronopios: Distante Espejo from Relatos Breves (Underpool)
The Freexielanders: Sabor de Habanera from Looking Back, Playing Forward (Rudi)
The Freexielanders: St James Infirmary / Gotta Get to St Joe from Looking Back, Playing Forward (Rudi)

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2016 El Intruso International Critics Poll

It was an honour to be asked again to contribute to the El Intruso International Critics Poll.  Full results HERE.