There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

JAZZ TODAY is a fortnightly radio show on Cambridge105. It is broadcast live in Cambridge UK on 105FM and online at Cambridge105.FM.

JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Jazz Today - Sunday 8th May at 3pm BST on Cambridge105

Challenging our ears on Sunday's show will be trumpeters Nikolaus Neuser and Peter Scharli, trombonists Glenn Ferris and Nils Wogram, together with saxophonists Noah Preminger and Hanna Paulsberg. We’ll also be hearing from the Atom String Quartet, the sextet Slow is Possible....and the nine piece Keenroh XL. Plus much more.
And halfway thru the show Pete will be running thru the jazz gigs coming up in Cambridge. Listen HERE at 3pm BST.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Playlist April 24th 2016

Florian Hoefner Group: Newfound Jig from Luminosity (Origin)
Pigfoot: 12th Street Rag from 21st Century Acid Trad (Village Life)
Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg: Anymore from Dialogue (self-released)
Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg: Be Melting Snow from Dialogue (self-released)
Henri Texier: Mic Mac from Dakota Mab (Intuition)
Sarah Bernstein Quartet: Still / Free from Still / Free (Leo)
Mihaly Borbely Quartet: Auntie from Be By Me Tonight (BMC)
Tom Bancroft’s Trio Red: Saturday Afternoon (with Sophie) from Lucid Dreamers (Interrupto Music)
Arun Ghosh: Sufi Stomp from A South Asian Suite (Camoci)
Danny Green Trio: Katabasis from Altered Narratives (OA2)
The Ed Palermo Big Band: Dirty White Bucks from One Child Left Behind (Cuneiform)
Field: Aggressively Loving It from Heal the Rich (WhyPlayJazz)
Brian Groder Trio: Whispered Sigh from R Train on the D Line (Latham)
Hanna Paulsberg Concept: Hemulen Pa Byn from Eastern Smiles (Odin)
Ran Blake: Alice Norbury from Ghost Tones (A-Side)
Stoop Quintet: Sevens from Confession (ASC)
Tom Bancroft’s Trio Red: Acoustica Electronica from Lucid Dreamers (Interrupto Music)
Stefano Carbonelli: Tempo Nuvoloso from Ravens Like Desks (Auand)

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Playlist - April 10th 2016

Ronnings Jazzmaskin: Flyaway Gary from Jazzmaskin! (Losen)
Sarah Bernstein Quartet: Paper Eyes from Still / Free (Leo)
Albert Sanz & Felix Rossy: Dolphins Blues from Dolphins Blues (self-released)
The Workshop: F-Ire Steps from Conversations with the Drum (Onze Heures Onze)
Improgressive: The Illusion from Primo (Slam)
Braskiri: Killing the Mozzarella from Killing the Mozzarella (Berthold)
Twin Talk: Martha from Twin Talk (Ears&Eyes)
Ronnings Jazzmaskin: Banan Tunnan from Jazzmaskin! (Losen)
Vein feat. Dave Liebman: Jammin’ in the Children’s Corner from Jazz Talks (Unit)
Quantum Trio: Wandering Late from Gravity (ForTune)
Stu Hunter: Land of Gypsies from The Migration (HabitatProductions)
Per Oddvar Johansen: Let’s Dance from Let’s Dance (Edition)
Brooklyn Blowhards: Haul Away Joe from Brooklyn Blowhards (LittleiMusic)
Huw V Williams: Beryl from Hon (Chaos Collective)
Huw V Williams: Skardu’s Missing from Hon (ChaosCollective)
3 / 4 Peace: Cycling from Rainy Days on the Common Land (El Negocito)
Peter Rozsnyoi Trio: The Beginning from Pain of an Angel (Budapest Music Center)
Nate Wooley Quintet: For Wee Folks from (Dance to) the Early Music (Clean Feed)

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Playlist - March 27th 2016

Snorre Kirk: Varsity from Europa (Calibrated)
Phronesis: 67000mph from Parallax (Edition)
Bambi Pang Pang feat. Andrew Cyrille: Drop Your Plans from Drop Your Plans (El Negocito)
Brian Groder Trio: Keel from R Train on the D Line (Latham)
Stan Sulzmann & Nikki Iles: My Man’s Gone Now from Star Dust (Jellymould Jazz)
Stoop Quintet: Ranch from Confession (ASC)
Roberto Negro Trio invite Christophe Monniot: La Buona Stella from Luna Di Wuxi / Kimono (Tricollectif)
Roberto Negro: Comme un Livre d’Erri de Luca from Loving Suite pour Birdy So (Viva la Mamma)
Pierluigi Balducci & Viz Maurogiovanni: Theme from Schindler’s List from Cinema – Vol. 1 (Dodicilune)
The Workshop: Perspicuity 1 from Music by Doug Hammond (Onze Heures Onze)
Matt Ridley Quartet: Ebb and Flow from Metta (Whirlwind)
Angelika Niescier: Now from Now (Blue Pearls Music)
Les Amants de Juliette: La Disparition du Sable from S’Electrolysent (Quoi de Neuf Docteur)
LABtrio feat. Michael Attias & Chris Hoffman:  Low Fat from The Howls Are Not What They Seem (OutNote)
Gilad Hekselman: Last Train Home from Homes (JazzVillage)
Angelika Niescier & Florian Weber: The Barn Thing from NYC Five (Intakt)

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Playlist - March 13th 2016

Andreas Loven: Roots from District Six (Losen)
Sam Sadigursky: String of Pearls from Follow the Stick (BJU)
Paulo Fresu, Richard Galliano & Jan Lundgren: Leklat from Mare Nostrum II (ACT)
Empirical: The Two-Edged Sword from Connection (Cuneiform)
Sunna Gunnlaugs & Maarten Ornstein: Misterioso from Unspoken (Sunny Sky)
Saint Dirt Elementary School: Zombies Love Dancin’ to this Number from Abandoned Ballroom (Barnyard)
Saint Dirt Elementary School: Staying Home Every Night from Abandoned Ballroom (Barnyard)
Renee Rosnes: Lucy from Afar from Written in the Rocks (Smoke Sessions)
Yves Robert Trio: Spiritual Thrill from Inspired (BMC)
Sunna Gunnlaugs & Maarten Ornstein: Crab Canon from Unspoken (Sunny Sky)
Norman Meehan, Hannah Griffin & Hayden Chisholm: Frost from Small Holes in the Silence (Rattle Jazz)
Luca Sisera Roofer: Backyard Cowboys from Prospect (Leo)
Aki Rissanen: Eye-Opener from Amorandum (Edition)
Aki Rissanen: Bird Vision from Amorandum (Edition)
3 / 4 Peace: Constructive Criticism from Rainy Days on the Common Land (El Negocito)
Cisilino, Orefice, Vignato, Magatelli & Mansutti: Necessita from Malkuth (Rudi)
Paulo Fresu, Richard Galliano & Jan Lundgren: Gnossienne No. 1 from Mare Nostrum II (ACT)
Mike Hobart Quintet: Evidential from Evidential (AnotherWorldMusic)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Playlist - February 21st 2016

Michel Bisceglia & Carlo Nardozza: Tunisia from 11 (Prova)
Nils Wogram Root 70: Isfahan from Wise Men Can Be Wrong (NWOG)
Radius & Fred Lonberg-Holm: Gingko Biloba from Just Outside the Door (Hazel Jazz)
Solveig Slettahjell & Knut Reiersrud: Grandma’s Hands from Trail of Souls (ACT)
Suga Dairo Trio: Marches on as a Ring from Goldenfish (Velvetsun)
Suga Dairo Trio: Rain from Goldenfish (Velvetsun)
Gerard Presencer & the Danish Radio Big Band: Another Weirdo from Groove Travels (Edition)
Aaron Irwin Quartet: Trilobites from A Room Forever (self-released)
Alex Merritt Quartet: Conn Artist from Anatta (F-IRE Presents)
Hannes Riepler: Nothing New...Just Beautiful from Wild Life (Jellymould Jazz)
Aberratio Ictus: Ictus Irritus from Ictus Irritus (WhyPlayJazz)
Francesco Bearzatti Tinissima 4et: When U Left from This Machine Kills Fascists (CAM Jazz)
Radius & Fred Lonberg-Holm: Back Portch from Just Outside the Door (Hazel Jazz)
Rich Halley 4: Remnant from Eleven (Pine Eagle)
Adam Pieronczyk & Miroslav Vitous: Mandala of Melodies from Wings (ForTune)
Olga Konkova Trio: Nardissism from The Goldilocks Zone (Losen)
Samo Salamon Bassless Trio: Dawn from Unity (Samo)

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Jazz Today Online - Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 podcast is now online. To listen, click on the widget in the left hand panel.

Meinrad Kneer Quintet: Himmel & Holle from Oneirology (JazzHausMusik). Sebastian Piskorz, trumpet; Peter Van Huffel, alto sax; Gerhard Gschlossl, trombone; Meinrad Kneer, bass; Andreas Pichler, drums.
Tomeka Reid Quartet: Etoile from Tomeka Reid Quartet (Thirsty Ear). Tomeka Reid, cello; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Jason Roebke, bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums.
David Ades: Bark from A Life in a Day (Lionsharecords). David Ades, alto sax; Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Mark Helias, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums.
Le Rex: Mr. Richard Kiel from Wild Man (Cuneiform). Benedikt Reising, alto sax; Marc Stuckl, tenor sax; Andreas Tschopp, trombone; Marc Unternahrer, tuba; Rico Baumann, drums.
Franz Koglmann, Mario Arcari & Attila Pasztor: Blues All’Alba from G(ood)luck (Cracked Anegg / Handsemmel). Franz Koglmann, flugelhorn; Mario Arcari, reeds; Attila Pasztor, cello.
Oddjob: Folk #1 from Folk (Caprice). Per ‘Rusktrask’ Johansson, reeds; Goran Kajfes, trumpet; Daniel Karlsson, piano; Peter Forss, bass; Janne Robertson, drums.
Malija: The Pianist from The Day I Had Everything (Edition). Mark Lockheart, reeds; Liam Noble, piano; Jasper Hoiby, bass.
Aaron Irwin Quartet: In the Dry from A Room Forever (self-released). Aaron Irwin, clarinet; Matthew McDonald, trombone; Pete McCann, guitar; Thomson Kneeland, bass.
Radius & Fred Lonberg-Holm: Gingko Biloba from Just Outside the Door (Hazel Jazz). Vidar Johansen, reeds; Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello; Tine Asmundsen, bass; Stale Liavik Solberg, drums.