There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

JAZZ TODAY is a fortnightly radio show on Cambridge105. It is broadcast live in Cambridge UK on 105FM and online at Cambridge105.FM.

JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Playlist - August 28th 2016

Paolo Botti: Aprile al Trotter from La Fabbrica Dei Botti (Caligola)
Nautilus: Inward Expansion from Infrablue (TwoRivers)
Elliot Galvin: Hurdy Gurdy from Punch (Edition)
Elliot Galvin: 1666 from Punch (Edition)
MAdHAs: P the Palm from MAdHAs (Gateway Music)
Michael Moore: Big Dog from Felix Quartet (Ramboy)
Aruan Ortiz Trio feat. Eric Revis & Gerald Cleaver: Skippy from Hidden Voices (Intakt)
Jeff Denson Quartet: City Life on Trains from Concentric Circles (Ridgeway)
Janos Aved, Marton Fenyvesi & Akos Benko: Blackout from Balance (BMC)
Andrew McCormack Trio: Tunnel Vision from Live in London (Edition)
Kokko Quartet: Keppekerjalainen from Orient Express (Eclipse Music)
MAdHAs: Con Versation from MAdHAs (Gateway Music)
Michael Moore Fragile Quartet: Triptych from Live in Chicago (Ramboy)
Jasper Hoiby: Fellow Creatures from Fellow Creatures (Edition)
Paolo Botti: E Cosi Sia from La Fabbrica Dei Botti (Caligola)
Henrik Jensen’s Followed By Thirteen: London – Berlin from Blackwater (Jellymould Jazz)
Kristian Borring: When He Goes Out to Play from Silent Storm (Jellymould Jazz)

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Playlist - August 14th 2016

Duck Baker Trio: Deja Vouty from Deja Vouty (Fulica)
Jeremy Rose Quartet: Hegemony from Sand Lines (Earshift Music)
Dresch Quartet: At A Kotengeren from Kapu Es Kert (Fono)
Adriano Clemente: Inner Fires from The Mingus Suite (Dodicilune)
Adriano Clemente: Memories of Duke from The Mingus Suite (Dodicilune)
Massimiliano Milesi & Giacomo Papetti: Frammenti Dispersi from Dimidiam (UR)
Robert Jukic: The Days of Guns and Roses from Gomme de Jour (self-released)
The Savage Five: Oops from Sleepwalking (Herbie MartinMusic)
Jasper Hoiby: Song for the Bees from Fellow Creatures (Edition)
Achille Succi, Francesco Saiu & Giacomo Papetti: Kolm from Three Branches (El Gallo Rojo)
Bojan Z & Nils Wogram: Broke from Housewarming (NWOG)
JD Allen: Cotton from Americana (Savant)
Hildegunn Oiseth: Vise from Time is Coming (Losen)
Rene Mosele’s Ramblin’: Go Go Go from Relaxing at the Showdown (Boomslang)
Christian Weidner: Fuzzy Membership from Every Hour of the Light and Dark (Pirouet)
Ken Aldcroft: Gospel from Mister, Mister (Trio)
EXP Quartet: Fusk from EXP4SVJ2014 (Palomar)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Playlist - July 24th 2016

Lindborg, Sjostedt & Daniel: Oriental Express from Soon (Connective)
Bojan Z & Nils Wogram: TNT from Housewarming (NWOG)
David Helbock & Lorenz Raab: Am Berg from What’s Next? I Don’t Know (Session Work)
David Helbock & Lorenz Raab: Brunella from What’s Next? I Don’t Know (Session Work)
Orquestra Jazz Sinfonica do Estado de Sao Paulo: Na Mao Dirieta from Jazz Sinfonica – 25 Anos (Jazz Sinfonica)
Thumbscrew: Inevitable from Convallaria (Cuneiform)
Rob Garcia: Whatever Gets You By from Finding Love in an Oligarchy on a Dying Planet (Brooklyn Jazz Undergound)
Lucaks Miklos Trio: Emlekek from Cimbiozis (Fono)
Kristian Borring: Fable from Silent Storm (JellymouldJazz)
Snowpoet: If I Miss a Star from Snowpoet (TwoRivers)
Kontrasax & Friends: Sayo from 25 Years (JazzHausMusik)
Duck Baker Trio: Un Pezzo Pazzo from Deja Vouty (Fulica)
The Claudia Quintet: Nightbreak from Super Petite (Cuneiform)
Jeremy Cunningham Quartet: Pulses from Re: Dawn (from far) (Ears & Eyes)
Lindborg, Sjostedt & Daniel: The Man I Love from Soon (Connective)
Anna Maria Sturm Quintett: Indifferente from Tales of Woe (WhyPlayJazz)
Henning Sieverts: Cantus Seven from Double Quartet (Pirouet)

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Playlist - July 10th 2016

Felix Stussi 5 & Ray Anderson: Funda-Mentally from Arrabiata (Effendi)
David Chevallier, Sebastien Boisseau & Christophe Lavergne: You Don’t Know What Love Is / Oh Yes, I Do! from Standards & Avatars (Cristal)
Matt Wilson’s Big Happy Family: 25 Years of Rootabagas from Beginning of a Memory (Palmetto)
Matt Wilson’s Big Happy Family: Searchlight from Beginning of a Memory (Palmetto)
Lucia Cadotsch: Slow Hot Wind from Speak Low (EnjaYellowbird)
Simon Toldam Trio: Den Evige Gren from Kig Op 14 (ILK)
Johnny Hunter Quartet: Bass Intro to... from While We Still Can (Efpi)
Johnny Hunter Quartet: Ayca from While We Still Can (Efpi)
Achille Succi, Francesco Saiu & Giacomo Papetti: Brown from Three Branches (El Gallo Rojo)
Hadar Noiberg: From the Ground Up from From the Ground Up (Dot Time)
Phronesis: Manioc Maniac from Parallax (Edition)
Jean Dousteyssier: Mean Dog Blues from Post K (ONJ)
Jean Dousteyssier: China Boy from Post K (ONJ)
Ugurel und Strings: Tlon from Ugurel und Strings (Unit)
Christian Ugurel, Niko Meinhold & Patrick Hengst: Viertelsong from Pep Ventura (Wismart)
Daniel Herskedal: The Mistral Noir from Northern Edition (Edition)
David Chevallier, Sebastien Boisseau & Christophe Lavergne: The Way You Look Tonight from Standards & Avatars (Cristal)
Csaba Palotai: Blue Beard from The Deserter (BMC)
Ray Anderson, Han Bennink, Ernst Glerum & Paul van Kemenade: Nothing is Every from Checking Out (KEMO)

(Intro – Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoosticks (Blue Note))

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Playlist - June 26th 2016

Laurent Rochelle’s Okidoki Quartet: Okidoki Blues from Si Tu Regardes (Linoleum)
Laurent Rochelle’s Okidoki Quartet: Okidoki from Si Tu Regardes (Linoleum)
Peter Scharli Trio feat. Glenn Ferris: Les Plages Infinies from Purge (Enja)
I.P.A.: Slakt Swing from I Just Did Say Something (Cuneiform)
Paul Kimber & Phil Merriman: This Very Moment from Duos, Duets and Duels (Jazz Records)
Paul Kimber & Phil Merriman: Green Eyed Lobster from Duos, Duets and Duels (Jazz Records)
Workshop de Lyon: Le Plein de Fleurs from Lettres a des Amis Lointains (ARFI)
Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom: Staten Island from Otis Was a Polar Bear (Royal Potato Family)
Roberto Negro: Il Giorno Della Civetta from Luna Di Wuxi (Tricollectif)
Daniele D’Agaro’s Adriatics Orchestra: Kilwa from Mountains, Love & Humour (Artesuono)
Gwilym Simcock: On Broadway from Blues Vignette (Basho)
Einar Scheving: Yoonee from Intervals (self-released)
David Smith Quintet: The Toaster from Impetus (BJU)
Ulrich Drechsler & Stefano Battaglia: Little Peace Lullaby No 6 from Little Peace Lullaby (Enja)
Bastian Stein: Tati from Viktor (Pirouet)
Csaba Palotai: Menenghina (A Courtesan’s Ballad) from The Deserter (BMC)
Andre Leroux: Undertaking from Sychronie-Cites (Effendi)
Daniele D’Agaro’s Adriatics Orchestra: Don’t Pretend from Mountains, Love & Humour (Artesuono)

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Playlist - June 12th 2016

Ray Anderson, Han Bennink, Ernst Glerum & Paul Van Kemenade: Low Profile from Checking Out (KEMO)
Eyolf Dale: Sideways from Wolf Valley (Edition)
Joris Roelofs: Para Poli from Amateur Dentist (Pirouet)
Susanne Paul’s Move Quartet: Basics of Birds from El Camino (Jazzhausmusik)
Eric Vagnon, Guillaume Grenard & Olivier Bost: Le Voyage Dans La Lune from Les Incendiaires (ARFI)
Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom: Slow Jam from Otis Was a Polar Bear (Royal Potato Family)
Tim Garland: Sama’i for Peace from One (Edition)
Eyolf Dale: The Creek from Wolf Valley (Edition)
Paul Van Kemenade: Wim from A Kind Of.... (KEMO)
Kasper Tom & Rudi Mahall: Die Flexitarier from One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure (Barefoot)
Dizzy Krisch, Karoline Hofler & Bill Elgart: Moments of Love from Lonely Woman (Jazzhausmusik)
John Martin: Whisper from The Hidden Notes – Spirit of Adventure (F-IRE Presents)
Filip Augustson: Flying Flyers from Viva Black (FoundYou Recordings)
Gina Schwarz Unit feat. Jim Black: From Shenandoah from Woodclock (Cracked Anegg)
Mongrel: Thick as Thieves from Thick as Thieves (Losen)

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Jazz Today Online - Spring 2016

Listen to the show using the widget in the left-hand panel or HERE

Pino Minafra: Minafric from Minafric (Sud). Pino Minafra, Vito Francesco Mitoli, Marco Sannini, trumpet; Roberto Ottaviano, Gaetano Partipilo, Carlo Actis Dato, Nicola Pisani, saxophone; Beppe Caruso, Sebi Tramontana, trombone; Giorgio Albanese, accordion; Livio Minafra, keyboards; Giorgio Vendola, bass; Vincenzo Mazzone, Giuseppe Tria, percussion.

Peter Scharli Trio feat. Glenn Ferris: Bahia Mood (Sugar Lady) from Purge (Enja). Peter Scharli, trumpet; Glenn Ferris trombone; Hans Peter Pfammatter, piano; Thomas Durst, bass.

Sarah Bernstein Quartet: Paper Eyes from Still / Free (Leo). Sarah Bernstein, violin; Kris Davis, piano; Stuart Popejoy, electric bass; Ches Smith, drums.

LABtrio feat. Michael Attias & Chris Hoffman:  Low Fat from The Howls Are Not What They Seem (OutNote). Michael Attias, saxophone; Christopher Hoffman, cello; Bram de Looze, keyboards; Anneleen Boehme, bass; Lander Gyselinck, drums.

Andreas Loven: Roots from District Six (Losen). Buddy Wells, saxophone, Andreas Loven, piano; Remy Brauteseth, bass; Clement Benny, drums.

Pigfoot: 12th Street Rag from 21st Century Acid Trad (Village Life). Chris Batchelor, trumpet; Liam Noble, piano; Oren Marshall, tuba; Paul Clarvis, drums.

Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg: Anymore from Dialogue (self-released). Myra Melford piano; Ben Goldberg, clarinet.

Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg: Be Melting Snow from Dialogue (self-released). As above.

Henri Texier: Mic Mac from Dakota Mab (Intuition). Sebastian Texier and Francois Corneloup, reeds; Henri Texier, bass; Louis Moutin, drums.

3 / 4 Peace: Constructive Criticism from Rainy Days on the Common Land (El Negocito). Ben Sluijs, saxophone and flute; Christian Mendoza, piano; Brice Soniano, bass.

Ronnings Jazzmaskin: Flyaway Gary from Jazzmaskin! (Losen). Martin Myhre Olsen and Petter Kraft, saxophones; Egil Kalman, bass; Truls Ronning, drums.

Sunna Gunnlaugs & Maarten Ornstein: Misterioso from Unspoken (Sunny Sky). Sunna Gunnlaugs, piano; Maarten Ornstein, clarinet.

Roberto Negro Trio invite Christophe Monniot: La Buona Stella from Luna Di Wuxi / Kimono (Tricollectif). Roberto Negro piano; Christophe Monniot, saxophone; Jerome Arrighi, electric bass; Adrien Chennebault, drums.

Suga Dairo Trio: Marches on as a Ring from Goldenfish (Velvetsun). Suga Dairo, piano; unknown bass and drums.

Huw V Williams: Beryl from Hon (Chaos Collective). Laura Jurd, trumpet; Alam Nathoo, saxophone; Elliot Galvin, keyboards; Huw V Williams, bass; Peter Ibbetson, drums.

Huw V Williams: Skardu’s Missing from Hon (ChaosCollective). As above.